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Steven Spielberg and Quint have an epic chat all about JAWS as it approaches its 3. Let me set the stage for this. I put out my feelers out a couple months back with some people at Dreamworks (with much help from mega publicist Deb Wuliger) about getting Steven Spielberg on the phone to talk Jaws, the idea being we could time it to its pending anniversary. That was the pitch, but that was all cover.

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Don’t give the thanks to SKIDROW in this case,give the thanks to RELOADED,don’t you read? RELOADED was who cracked this time! I love SKIDROW but we have to give. BT MIDIFILE DEMOS Lost! Re-Set The Complete BandTrax WEB. You Have Been Directed To A Very Old Site Location. Please go to Diabetic Beef Recipes Treatment Diabetes & Alternative Diabetes Treatment Steven Spielberg and Quint have an epic chat all about JAWS as it approaches its 36th Anniversary! Published at: June 6, 2011, 6:22 a.m. Reverse Diabetes In 8 Weeks Britain Study Treatment Diabetes & Alternative Diabetes Treatment Diabetes For Dummies Free Download Treatment Diabetes & Alternative Diabetes Treatment

I really just wanted to talk to the director of my favorite movie of all time ABOUT my favorite movie of all time. I’m sure my ruse was as transparent as clean plate glass window (I don’t hide my geekiness very well), but the kind souls around Spielberg allowed my request to make it to him and I heard back an enthusiastic yes right before Memorial Day weekend. We were going to schedule a time between then and June 2. Jaws in 1. 97. 5, but as of Thursday afternoon I hadn’t heard anything back.

I went to the Alamo’s Super 8 marathon, which included a surprise screening of Super 8, followed by Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Scanners and John Carpenter’s The Thing and when I got home at nearly 4am I checked my email to find out Spielberg had an opening in his schedule for 1. Of course I had to watch Jaws while compiling a list of questions, so that gave me a little more than 4 hours of sleep before the interview.

I went in not knowing how much time I had with Spielberg. When the words, “Eric, I’m transferring you to Steven Spielberg’s office. Please hold a moment” hit my ears I won’t lie. Could I somehow not be Chris Farley in this scenario?

Was that even possible? But, like my brief encounter with the man on the set of War of the Worlds, once the conversation began the nerves went away and I was just excited to have the opportunity to talk with Steven Spielberg about Jaws.

Now, we cover a few other things as well. The conversation occasionally splinters off to his other films, including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, E. T. Let’s dive into this thing, shall we? Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!*Updated with audio clips!

Search out the Amazing Sound- O- Text links for the latest in interview technology! Quint: How’s it going, sir? Steven Spielberg: Hey, Eric. Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most Remix Mp3 Download. Quint: It’s going well.

Download Aint Scared Of Mean To Hurt You Free

Steven Spielberg: Good! Well, I know what’s up with you. I read all your stuff. Quint: Well, I watch all your movies, so we’re even. Steven Spielberg: Last time we talked was a long time ago, it was on the (War of the Worlds) set (You can read about that visit here and here). You did the Indy thing, too. Quint: Yeah, the War of the Worlds set visit was the big one for me.

That’s where I had my big geek out. Steven Spielberg: (laughs) Well, I geek out, too.

So don’t think it’s just you! Quint: Of course you do. I loved that when we met on the set the first things we talked about were Ray Harryhausen and Willis O’Brien. Their influence can be felt in your films and your movies were almost gateway drugs to discovering more about their work for me.

Steven Spielberg: Well, I’m glad you’re amongst us, making us remember that every decade there’s a new trend and one trend owes legions to its predecessors. Quint: Especially now it must be hitting you dead center seeing how your very specific visual style is being replicated by the next generation of filmmakers. I mean, JJ Abrams’ Super 8 is obviously a loving tribute to your films, down to a very specific look. Steven Spielberg: JJ was raised in those decades of movies that all of my colleagues made and continue to make.

So, JJ (was brought up in) the same way I was raised, by a decade of filmmakers who I am beholden to. So, it all comes out in the laundry. Quint: I really appreciate you taking the time to look back at Jaws with me.

Steven Spielberg: Sure, sure. Quint: Obviously the movie means a lot to me and going through that new making of book, Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard, it really did strike me just how important it was that you made the personality Amity that of Martha’s Vineyard. It makes Amity feel like a real town. So, I was wondering if we could talk a little bit about how you pulled so many locals into the movie and how much of that was a creative choice and how much of that was political to help you ease the troubled waters of filming on location. Steven Spielberg: Well, I didn’t know anything about politics in those days.

I was just trying to find as much naturalism to play against the basic size of the shark.