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Army cavalry officer, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He served in the 1. His career was fatally damaged by a disastrous infantry assault at the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Lee removed Iverson from his army and sent him to cavalry duty in Georgia. During the Atlanta Campaign, he achieved a notable success in a cavalry action near Macon, Georgia, capturing Union Army. Maj. Gen. George Stoneman and hundreds of his men. Early years. He was the son of Alfred Iverson Sr., United States Senator for Georgia and a fierce proponent of secession, and Caroline Goode Holt.

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The senator decided on a military career for his son and enrolled him in the Tuskegee Military Institute. His father raised and equipped a regiment of Georgia volunteers and young Iverson left Tuskegee to become a second lieutenant in the regiment. He left the service, in July 1. In 1. 85. 5, his Mexican- American War experience gained him a commission as a first lieutenant in the 1st U. S. In that role he served in efforts to suppress the violence known as Bleeding Kansas.

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Download White Iverson For Free

Army and received a commission from his father's old friend, Confederate President. Jefferson Davis, as colonel of the 2. North Carolina Infantry, a unit he played a strong role in recruiting. His regiment was initially stationed in North Carolina, but was called to the Virginia Peninsula in June 1. Seven Days Battles. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Gaines's Mill, in the division commanded by Maj.

Hill, by leading the only successful regiment of the five that were assigned to capture a Union artillery battery. Iverson was severely wounded in the charge and his regiment took heavy casualties.

Unfortunately for Iverson and the Confederacy, this battle would turn out to be the high point of his military career. In the Battle of South Mountain, his entire brigade was forced to retreat after their brigade commander, Brig. Gen. Samuel Garland, was mortally wounded. Iverson's regiment ran away at the Battle of Antietam a few days later, although he was able to rally them to return to the battle. After the battle, Iverson was promoted to brigadier general on November 1, 1. Army. His first assignment commanding his new brigade was at the Battle of Fredericksburg, but he was assigned to the reserve and saw no action. Conflict soon resulted, however.

When he attempted to name a new colonel for the 2. North Carolina, a personal friend from outside of the regiment, 2. Iverson attempted to arrest all 2. His friend was not placed as the new colonel, but Iverson petulantly refused all winter to promote any of the other candidates for the position. Returning to the rear to get support for his flank, many of his officers concluded that he was shirking. His reasonable performance at Gaines's Mill the previous year forgotten, rumors swirled that he had achieved his command only by family political influence.

Rodes began its attack from Oak Hill with the brigades of Col. The attack fell apart for multiple reasons.

Rodes acted somewhat hastily, seeing limited Union forces at his front, but that reinforcements were arriving from the town. Although the two brigades were meant to attack in support of each other, there is confusion about who was supposed to move first. But the most significant problem was that the two brigade commanders chose not to lead their brigades in person, remaining behind their advance.

Henry Baxter's Union brigade were hidden. As the Confederates approached within 5. Union soldiers opened fire, hitting at least 5. Most of the survivors of three of Iverson's regiments were captured by a Union countercharge.

Many of his men lay prone in battle formation while others waved white handkerchiefs. He did not realize that the former were dead or wounded and the latter surrounded and trapped under heavy fire. Upon reaching the front after conferring with Rodes, Iversen may have suffered a nervous breakdown, overwhelmed by the fate his men had suffered, possibly as many as 9. Gettysburg. Stephen Dodson Ramseur.

Lee wanted nothing more to do with the tarnished officer. Jackson in command of the state forces, headquartered at Rome.

He spent several months reorganizing the Georgia troops in preparation for the defense of the state against Maj. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. Martin's division, Maj.

Joseph Wheeler's cavalry corps, during the Atlanta Campaign. On July 2. 9, near Macon, Iverson's 1,3. Maj. George Stoneman, taking about 2. Best Program To Check Computer Temperature there. During Iverson's pursuit, he and his men captured an additional 5. Sunshine Church on July 3.

Stoneman. As commander in Greensboro he watched his garrison slip away until it was unable to stop fugitive soldiers from plundering part of the city. He died in Atlanta, Georgia, and is buried there in Oakland Cemetery. Pfanz, pp. This Astounding Close: The Road to Bennett Place. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2.

ISBN 0- 8. 07. 8- 2. Castel, Albert. Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign of 1. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1. ISBN 0- 7. 00. 6- 0.