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How To Ride Hand Clutch Motorcycle

How To Ride Hand Clutch Motorcycle 8,4/10 3140 votes

Secret Motorcycle Hand Greetings: Revealed! Those of you who ride motorcycles will know exactly what I'm talking about here. Those of you who don't - will hopefully learn something. I'm referring to that secret . Oh sure, it seems customary enough - two fellow riders politely saying . Is it really that simple?

How to Ride a Motorcycle (Beginners). Learning to ride a motorcycle can be fun. The best way to learn how to properly ride is in a safe and controlled manner.

Conway's now sells a modified Honda clutch to replace the Burman clutch on your Comet. I bought one, looks very nice but required hand filing and fitting. Buy Cruiser Motorcycle Clutch at Motorcycle Superstore, your one stop shop for motorcycle gear, parts and accessories.

  1. 2008 BMW HP2 Sport: First Ride, review, photos and videos of the 2007 BMW Sportbikes.
  2. Buy Dirt Bike Clutch at Motorcycle Superstore, your one stop shop for motorcycle gear, parts and accessories.
How To Ride Hand Clutch Motorcycle

Actually it's not. I've been riding a motorcycle my entire adult life and I've been paying attention. And if you think you're going to get a salutation from just any biker coming your way, then you're wrong. Believe it or not, there are some very subliminal and undocumented rules regarding this situation - and I'm going to share them with you now. Here's how it works: First of all, we'll need to establish some terminology to make this tutorial easier to follow. The person initiating the wave will herefor be referred to as the .

This means that if you both are riding the same brand of bike, the odds of a wave transaction are increased. Downloads Mp3 From Internet Radio Reloaded there. If you both are riding the same . If you both are either wearing or not wearing helmets - odds increased again. To further illustrate this concept: IF you both are riding hardtail Harleys and not wearing helmets, the odds of a hand gesture between the two of you are VERY high. Conversely, the odds of a nonhelmeted hardtail rider waving to a helmeted Suzuki rocket rider are almost next to none. The Big Five. When a fellow biker is approaching, his left arm and hand will tell the story.

How To Ride Hand Clutch Motorcycle

Whether he is the initiator or the replier, the signals are the same. Following are the five main hand gestures you may encounter: 1. The Nothing - This is the .

The Two- finger Flip - The most casual AND most common acknowledgement. Left hand still on the handgrip, but the index and middle fingers raised briefly. This one simply says . Of course the whole issue of who goes first really boils down to nothing more than a game of greeting chicken - or whoever's in the better mood at time. The Big One - This is the granddaddy of all greetings. Left hand down off of the handlebar and out to the side.

Fingers may either show a . Here, the initiator is sending a clear signal that he acknowledges you. Not replying to this blatant plea for hospitality may be considered rude - and could possibly be interpreted as a strong message of inequity. The Dis - Left hand down and resting on the thigh. This could be viewed as a request to treat the opposing party as a hostile witness - ESPECIALLY if it is moved there while you are approaching. Dating back to the days when rival motorcycle gangs roamed the streets, this signal indicated disrespect to the other rider(s) and was clearly meant as negative and often times led to confrontation.

Today, however, the old cultural significance has been lost, and could simply just mean your arm is tired and resting on your leg. The Geek - Left hand raised high in the air as if to say, . Recommendation: Just don't. So there they are. All the secrets behind those mysterious motorcycle hand greetings revealed (not to be confused with the standard hand .

So the next time you approach an oncoming rider, take note. He could be sending you a very intentional message!

BMW HP2 Sport: First Ride. BMW vehicles have always had an air of exclusivity to them. The ownership of a BMW sort of implies that you've chosen to take a slightly different path. Possessing one says to the world that you're willing to pay the piper more than what most are willing to sacrifice in order to have what many only dream of owning. Indeed, BMW's reputation for making excellent vehicles has raised the marque to that of status symbol. Even here in the Land of Pomposity (L.

A.) where BMWs are as common as face lifts, there's still an allurement to them. In the automotive world, BMW’s M series cars build upon the chic- ness of the German brand. Cars carrying this designation in the model name are unique amongst rank and file BMWs. They may look like their siblings, but beneath the shared exterior beats the heart of a race- inspired mill, with performance- oriented suspension and handling components to complement the extra horsepower. An M car to the casual observer looks like all the rest, but to the sharp eye of the motoring enthusiast seeing an M car tells them that the driver/owner cares less for image and more for the performance potential of the machine. Yep, those who know these vehicles know what they want, and they're willing to pay the high price for the privilege.

The two- wheeled branch of BMW hadn't had such a VIP status available for riders until recently. In mid- 2. 00. 6 the company announced the HP2 Enduro. Utilizing a hot- rodded version of the 1,1. Boxer mill, the Enduro became a high- flying 1. Next up was the HP2 Megamoto. With 1. 7- inch wheels, sticky tires and long- travel suspenders, the Megamoto is the hooligan that BMW originally hoped they could create by having Enduro owners simply swap out spoke wheels and knobbies for 1. The Megamoto has trouble- maker written all over it, just like a true supermoto, save for the fact that it weighs in excess of 4.

Now comes the HP2 Sport. The latest member of the high- performance Boxer family is a race bike at heart. This exquisite machine draws its lineage from the endurance- racing- proven R1. S that won its class at the 2. Hours of Le Mans this year. The key difference in the Sport's engine - and it's an historic difference! An OHC hasn't been used in a Boxer head in, like, forever, dude!

The four valves per cylinder are arranged radially for . Compression is a respectable 1. Double oil coolers are arranged in series in the nose of the carbon/Kevlar composite front clip that's been wind- tunneled designed to help aid air flow over said coolers. BMW claims the HP2 Sport produces 1.

The more workaday R1. S churns out a claimed 1. To cap it off, the entirety of the head covers are carbon- fiber/Kevlar, with each having its own little slider puck that comes in quite handy; extreme angles aren't necessary to touch the heads. A number of riders at the press launch had BMW techs raise ride height in order to pick up some ground clearance.

BMW may not care much for my comparison here, but the close- ratio six- speed tranny is of Japanese quality in its slickness and is rather transparent in operation, just like a good gearbox should be. Wailing down a racetrack is not the time or place to be thinking about a clunky gear set. My slovenly shifting habits had me down one gear too many a couple of times; it was at those moments that the rear squawked and squirmed ever so slightly, leading me to safely assume that the HP2 Sport uses a non- slipper clutch. Something of an odd choice considering the bike's race origins and today's sportbike trends.

In any event, clutch pull was very light. Another item on the HP2 Sport to identify its racing bias is what BMW calls the . And for just such an application, BMW offers (at an additional charge, of course) a replacement pressure sensor to adapt the quick- shifter to a GP- style race pattern. More ponies and twisting force are complemented with an all- new stainless- steel exhaust system that passes under the oil sump and continues up to the tail section to meet with the silencer.

This new routing, says BMW, . What isn't quite as obvious at first glance is just how minimal the frame is.

It's really nothing more than the tubular steel midframe from the R1. S. Lacking a traditional subframe, the Sport utilizes a self- supporting carbon rear structure as a perch for the rider. An American in Spain. I was elated when I got the nod to take the intro for the HP2 Sport in southern Spain, as much for my first visit to that country as for the opportunity to zip around the fabulous Ascari country club circuit. Some preliminary research of the area before leaving greater L.

A. Initially I thought the trip would have us in Malaga, Spain, birth place of Pablo Picasso, and on a less historical note, Antonio Banderas (for all you ladies out there). A port city that sits on the shoreline of the Costa del Sol in the Mediterranean, Malaga is the capital of the province (one of 5. Malaga boasts the second largest population in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

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Can- Am Spyder F3 First Ride. Get out your pitchforks and torches and prepare to storm the walls of the Moto. USA castle, because what I am about to tell you will freak you out. The 2. 01. 5 Can- Am Spyder F3- S is a kick in the ass.

Not when I have to or need to. I have thick skin (and those owning one may need to as well) so bring it on, but let me explain before you hand down my sentence as a traitor or heretic.

Can- Am executives are proud to tout the fact that nearly a quarter of Spyder buyers are new to the powersports industry or have never owned a motorcycle. To me the other side of that statement is more intriguing – three- quarters of those that purchase a Spyder are motorcyclists. As much as the two- wheeled world looks down its nose at the Spyder, there areconverts or at least those that see it as a viable option for getting out in the wind. As the one who never says no, this was the equivalent of a . How the hell do I even get on it? I swung my leg over the newest member of the Spyder family like a motorcycle and it felt completely silly. Turning the key and firing the F3.

As I clicked my manual transmission model into first and released the clutch I heard the howl of squealing rubber from the . No slides, no breakneck cornering and absolutely no burnouts. This is not the case with the Spyder F3.

I waited my turn to blast down St- Georges Airport. The rear tire lit up and kicked out slightly, smoking down the asphalt for a solid 1. Not a bad way to introduce myself to the Spyder F3. A couple more passes allowed me to hone my Spyder burnout technique and I was able to brake- stand the Can- Am for as long as I felt comfortable. I cracked a huge grin under my dark smoke bubble shield and chuckled. At the far end of the quarter- mile taxiway I bumped up against 8. The only brake input is a single foot lever on the right side that has plenty of bite and slows the F3 with urgency.

The front radially- mounted, four- piston Brembo Monblocs clamp down on 2. Stomp as hard as you want, the ABS and VSS keep everything settled and safe while slowing at a rate many bikes cannot match. Flipping a U- turn to return to the starting line I once again flicked the clutch and snapped the throttle to full- go. The rear end kicked out into an opposite lock slide and the tire screamed, but only for a split- second.

I found the limit of the Can- Am VSS calibration team. There is still a wide margin of safety to keep unsuspecting goons in line. I chuckled again and assessed how can I .

With two days of riding ahead of me I was sure I could coax more smoke and slides out of the Spyder F3- S. The Spyder F3- S is built on the same Y- architecture as the rest of the line, but the frame is now 4. The front suspension geometry is shared with the RS although the tubing shape is altered and is damped by Fox Podium shocks with slightly less travel at 5. The rear is a trellis- type swingarm moving through 5.

SACHS monoshock. The biggest change between the rest of the Spyder family is the seating position. Can- Am went with a cruiser layout with the seat lower and further back. This has you sitting more in the F3 rather than atop. To accommodate different rider sizes, the UFit allows for five different footpeg positions and when combined with four handlebar options finding the right fit is easy and surprisingly quick.

My F3- S, a $1. 50. F3. The black suede S trim seat cradled my rear with a nice bit of lower back support and my legs stretched forward with a slight bend to my knees. I would classify the stance as almost performance- cruiser, and would have probably chosen a shorter bar to bring my upper body more forward. As is the layout was upright and very comfortable. After two moderately long days in the saddle, I have zero complaints and arrived without an ache each evening. On the road the lower seating position made cornering the Spyder F3- S a much more rewarding experience than the 2.

RT I had ridden. The chassis is settled and bends around corners fairly flat, especially with some inside- lean body English. Pushing the boundaries in the twists finds the VSS stepping in to save your hide when you overstep what is prudent. I purposefully entered a hairpin during a photo stop too fast and got on the gas too hard and too soon just to see what would happen if you got everything totally wrong. As the rear end kicked out and the inside wheel began to lift, the power was cut and the brakes were applied allowing me to continue without any real drama. Very impressive. There is plenty of fun allowed before the VSS kicks in and if you are smooth you can hook a corner with the rear tire spinning and just out of line. This is the first Spyder that will entertain the most hardcore motorcyclists. Burnouts and slides are universal fun, and going around corners on three wheels is satisfying as well.

Sure there are quirks that take some getting used to, such as the busy feel in the bars when on straight roads and having to think about three wheel paths. But after a while you adapt.

Honda VFR1. 20. 0F Review - First Ride. Honda's big news for the 2. VFR1. 20. 0F, a sporty sports tourer that can be had with an amazing new dual- clutch transmission – the first ever on a motorcycle.

The VFR has drawn a wide- ranging variety of opinions. Is it a heavy sportbike or a lightweight super- sport- tourer? It's actually somewhere in the middle, as we found out after riding the VFR1. Sugo Sportsland race circuit in Japan. Honda's newest V- 4 nestles into a spot between the smaller VFR8.

ST1. 30. 0. The seemingly obvious competitors are the big sport- touring machines we compared in our 2. Sport- Touring Shootout: the ST1. Yamaha FJR1. 30. 0, Kawasaki Concours 1.

BMW K1. 30. 0GT. But our ride on the innovative Viffer revealed that it is sportier than that quartet, comparing most directly to the K1. S. Compared to those bikes, the VFR has lower hand controls and the footpegs are set further back. It's not uncomfortable, just slightly racier. An attractive seat resides 3. A 0. 6- inch lower seat is available as an option. Behind the moderately high windscreen is a high- end gauge panel that includes all the info a rider could want.

Front and center is an analog tachometer flanked by LCD displays for speed, fuel level, coolant and ambient temps, fuel consumption, a clock and a gear- position indicator. Reversed locations for the horn and turnsignal switches is said to be an ergonomic improvement, allowing quicker access to the horn, although you'll be beeping instead of signaling until getting used to it. Surprising for such a technology- intensive machine, self- canceling signals aren't part of the package. The 1. 23. 7cc V- 4 emits a low- octave purr when fired up, and the 2.

Honda V- 4s. From the side of the road, the exhaust note sounds not unlike a revvier BMW Boxer motor, but once at higher rpm when the exhaust valve opens up, the drone changes to a growl similar to a Moto. GP bike. For more tech info, refer to our VFR preview here.

Honda's press materials state the VFR's engine produces 1. My butt dyno estimated about 1. Max torque of 9. 5. A ride- by- wire throttle – Honda's first – helps keep the V- 4 power as linear and refined as possible, and it pulls well from as low as 2. A slight abruptness during throttle pick- up is a minor foible, but a smooth wrist keeps chassis pitching to a minimum. The Big News. The VFR1.

F is big news on its own, boasting an interesting and satisfying motor, high- end finish quality and a wide performance envelope. But most impressive is its optional Dual- Clutch Transmission that enables riding without clutch or shift levers. This is technology similar to that seen on many high- end sports cars, allowing the ease of an automatic transmission but with the directness of a traditional manual gearbox. As the name implies, two separate clutches are employed. While one is supplying drive to the rear wheel, the other has the next gear pre- selected and ready to transfer power in a seamless hand- off as soon as the rider or computer triggers it. Honda's DCT shouldn't be seen as a crutch for riders unable to operate a clutch lever, and it's not at all similar to the primitive auto- trans system on Yamaha's FJR1.

AE. An electronic brain controls hydraulic circuits and solenoid valves located behind the right- side engine cover. Clutch take- up is firm but smooth, pulling away from a stop as cleanly as a well- trained clutch hand – quite unlike the confidence- sapping FJR- AE setup. A VFR rider has the choice of three ways to play the DCT: - D mode: The one I'd use to transport my mother. Shifts are very smooth, and the computer program forces early upshifts for optimum fuel economy. Perfect for two- upping or trolling through heavy traffic.- S mode: My favorite, holding gears much longer and deftly blipping the throttle on downshifts.

We were given one session with the DCT on the Sugo circuit, and I fully expected the various demands of racetrack riding to trip up the newfangled tranny. Surely it was going to shift up or down at inopportune times, or so I thought.

My theory had merit when exiting the pit lane in D mode. It quickly upshifted to fifth gear even at low speeds, so I decided to click the S button on the right handlebar's switchgear. What came next was an unforgettable riding experience. The S setting keeps the revs up for optimum response, and full- throttle upshifts occur at 9. When hitting the brakes, the computer knows when to downshift and expertly blips the throttle to match revs, allowing engine braking to help bleed speed. Downshifts are always smooth and not jerky.

My biggest concern was an unanticipated downshift when leaned over in the middle of a turn, but it never came. I thought for sure the DCT used a bank- angle sensor to prevent such a situation, but it doesn't.

There were a few times I wished the DCT would've selected a lower gear so the revs could be closer to the power peak, and this ultimately hinders lap times. But the V- 4 has so much power, it pulls well even if in a gear high.