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Yamaha NS- 1. 0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Yamaha NS- 1. The Yamaha NS- 1. Launched in 1. 97. NS- 1. 0 started life as a bookshelf speaker destined for the domestic environment. It was poorly received but eventually became a valuable tool with which to mix rock recordings. The speaker has a characteristic white- coloured mid.

Recording engineers sought to dull its treble response by hanging tissue paper in front of it, resulting in what became known as the . The NS- 1. 0 has been used to monitor a large number of successful recordings by numerous artists, leading Gizmodo to refer to it as . As recording engineers came to rely on the NS- 1. The engineer, likely to have been Greg Ladanyi, monitored a recording session through the speaker in a Japanese studio and brought a pair back on his return to the US.

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Ladanyi then began using the speakers in a Los Angeles studio. Other engineers heard the NS- 1. Its use spread to New York where the NS- 1. The Power Station and other studios.

Ns Pro Download

U-NAS NS-400 Pro offers a versatile 4-bay storage solution for home, small office and business. It offers superior performance, giving users the desired performance. The official website for the VideoStudio Pro family of products. Get product information, updates and free trials. Access special offers, tutorials and videos. The Yamaha NS-10 is a loudspeaker that became a standard nearfield studio monitor in the music industry among rock and pop recording engineers. Launched in 1978, the.

The domestic version of the speaker was vertically orientated, and came factory fitted with a grille. Unconventionally, it is formed into conical shape not through moulding or pressure, but by curling and then gluing the two ends together. The frequency range is quoted from 6. Download Game Real Football Android Apk.

Hz to 2. 0 k. Hz, and rated power handling is 2. The sound of the NS- 1. The midrange response is so open that it exposes the frequencies that are the most problematic and worst- sounding to the human ear. Part of this was related to its closed- box design. The researchers held that the extremely fast decay time of the speaker in the low frequencies ensures that the bass instruments (guitar and drums) are correctly balanced in the mix. Technically identical to the .

Ns Pro Download

The revised version, with everything including the logo and connection panel orientated horizontally, was badged . Improvements included a new tweeter and crossover to address the problem in the treble, better connection terminals, and a sturdier cabinet that no longer accommodates grilles. Designed for home cinema, it has bass response down to 4.

Hz, nominal impedance of 6 ohm and maximum power handling rated at 1. W. Covering the tweeters with tissue paper was said to produce treble- deficient mixes when replayed on normal domestic hi- fi. Recording engineer Bob Hodas investigated the alleged sonic effects of tissue paper. Hodas derided the tissue practice as . He also suggested that more controllable and less random electronic filtering would be preferable. Gizmodo^ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

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Bob Hodas. Recording Engineer/Producer Magazine, February 1. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio, Pg. Focal Press (2. 01.

TECnology Hall of Fame .